About Crown Limousine Service

Our Commitment:

At Crown Limousine Services, we don’t merely give you a ride. More importantly we build trust. To us the first ride is the foundation of a relationship. As a longstanding landmark in the Limousine industry it is our philosophy that choosing a Limousine service is only the beginning of the relationship. This is why we do things differently here. Our employees are trained and constantly retrained for the changing needs of today’s customers.



Our state of the art reservation and communication system is backed up by our dedicated staff that is constantly monitoring travel conditions including traffic, airline and weather updates. We are unparalleled in the industry and given our outstanding reputation and client satisfaction ratings, it’s easy to understand why the overwhelming majority of our clients have been with us since our inception. Our on time performance is second to none.



We use the latest technology of satellite images for weather patterns, FAA delivered flight update and wireless data updates to our drivers. All of our vehicles are equipped with Global Positioning Satellite (G.P.S.).


Personal Safety:

This is our primary concern. Every employee at Crown Limousine Services has undergone extensive background checks prior to employment and randomly during their career. Their driving skills are constantly monitored and only the best are maintained. Our fleet consists of the latest model Lincoln Sedans and stretch limousines. Every vehicle undergoes our strict maintenance program performed only by authorized dealers to ensure quality services.