Our Services:

Our wide range of services can accommodate virtually all of your needs. Out of town clients to entertain? Let Crown Limousine Services provide you and your guests with airport transportation, dinner reservations and tours of Manhattan’s landmarks. For large groups we can provide super stretches, beautifully equipped luxury vans and suburban’s.  Another extremely popular service we offer is our same day courier service for those important documents and small packages to the Tri State area.

As an extended courtesy, Crown Limousine Services would like to offer our fixed rates to employees and family members of your company. This service can be used for such occasions as vacations, weddings, or simply nights on the town.


Billing Options:

Crown Limousine Services offers a simplified approach to managing corporate transportation fees. We provide all our clients with an itemized receipt of the total transportation cost. Each method is designed to alleviate difficult accounting processes. Please review each one of these plans to determine which would best suit the needs of your company.


Corporate Credit Cards:

This plan would consolidate all transportation expenses under one credit card. All authorized personnel completing a trip would receive a Crown Limousine Services voucher indicating their name, date of travel, pick up location and final destination on the voucher. All services would be billed to one account number.


Personal Credit Card:

This plan would meet the needs of those employees who are offered the fringe benefit of reimbursed travel expenses. The employee would use his/her own personal credit card, receive a Crown Limousine Services voucher, a credit card receipt and would later submit these documents to be reimbursed at a later time as determined by your company.


Directly Monthly Billing:

This plan is designed to forward a monthly statement to your company, which would provide an itemized breakdown of each trip completed. Again, all authorized travelers would receive a completed Crown Limousine Services voucher for record keeping.


Direct Billing by Department/Division:

This plan would offer a monthly billing statement to be forwarded to each Department and/or Division of your company.

Please Note: Billing arrangements will be made on an individual basis at the time of reservation and will be billed separately from any corporate travel accounts.